Saturday, February 14, 2015

Shiva's Trishul

For a while we had the idea that it would be nice to put an XXL-sized Trishul on the wall of Guruji's home. 

Kalpit and Shankara (from the U.S.) where responsible for the construction and they have done their job really well!

Sina has painted the drum and covered the whole construction with golden folio (metal rescue blankets).

To do all this doesn't feel like work at all  - it is huge pleasure as we were really looking forward to seeing a little smile on Guruji's face and wanted to make Him happy! 

Finally, yesterday the moment came: Kalpit brought the big Trishul out of the pool area and imagine - at the right time! ;) "Out of nothing", Guruji popped up and was giving some instructions: "A bit more to the right..., higher...!"  - and, yes, He was happy!!!

Now Shiva's Trishul is on the facade and leaves a really big impression! 

Hara Hara Mahadev!!!