Thursday, April 17, 2014

Morning kitchen prayer

Every morning the kitchen team starts together with Bhagyshri the work with some prayers.

First they do the Swami Vishwananda Gayatri:

Om Premavatara Vidmahi
Sat Gurudevaya Dimahi
Tanno Vishwananda Prachodayat

Then they pray to the Goddess Gayatri for purification:

OM bhur bhuva swaha 
tat savitur varenyam   
bhargo devasya dhimahi 
dhiyo yona pratshodajat 

(May we meditate on the effulgent light of the worshipful one who has given birth to all worlds. May this One direct our Mind-rays towards the path of Good.)

And after that they pray to Annapurna, the goddess of cooking with a special prayer to her: 
Om Annapurne Sadapurne
Shankara Prana Vallabhe
Gyan Vairaghya Sidhyartham 
Bhiksham Dehi Cha Parvati

On the altar in the kitchen there is also a picture of a very powerful Saint, "Jalaram Baba" from India, Swami Vishwananda visited his place in Jhunjunuhu last November:

He always fed the poor people and in this village they still feed everyone who comes. There are big copper pots with clear clean water which get never empty - which is a special miracle there.
So we pray that if one day our pots are empty, He will help to fill them!