Monday, April 14, 2014

Seva last weekend

Swami said:

Often when people come to Springen they do Seva, Seva - service to the outside world - means one thing, whereas service at the centre in Springen is like sitting in the garden of the Divine and participating with Him in creation. That is why when people come to Shree Peetha Nilaya I emphasize that they must do Seva, because when they are sitting around doing nothing the mind gets involved and becomes active. 

When active with Seva the mind does not get stuck in being egoistic, this is a time when Mahalaksmi Herself pours out her Mother’s affection and love upon the person who is doing the Seva. In that state of forgetfulness of oneself the energy of the Divine becomes active, then one realises that Springen is not only for the people living there but for all, we are one family.“
Sri Swami Vishwananda

On a Darshan weekend like the last Saturday, in the morning all the guests which stay in the center meet after breakfast in the lobby and then they get a seva-job to do in one of the departments. This Saturday Ambika went around, took some pictures and some interviews:

In the garden: 
Kai from Germany
Kaltikeyani from Czech
Shivapadani from Latvia
Two guests from Denmark and Germany
Sewing room:  
Happy sewing team from Russia. They helped to make new meditation cushions for the tent.
The bathrooms:

Cleaning the bathrooms ...
...with joy!

In the kitchen: 

Bhavani from England
Cake for the selling table made by Poland
Russian seva team
Tripurasundari from Italy removes all the dust in the light hall 
Kai from Germany: "Seva is meditation and reflection. And being in the middle of nature you can feel very close to the Creator. This helps one to let go."

Francesca from Portugal: "I like doing seva. It is working for the community."

Lene from Denmark: "Seva gives so much love for Swamiji. You just keep on thinking of him. And it keeps your mind quiet."

Antje from Germany: "Seva gives me peace. I am enjoying that we are able to do such a thing in such a beautiful place with like-minded persons."

Shivapadani from Latvia: "I do seva wherever l have time to come to the ashram because I know that you need people for seva. I am doing this to serve Guruji and to be near to Him."

Kasha from Poland: "Seva is a work which I can do for Swami, for Bhakti Marga and of course for myself. The most beautiful experience was the seva meeting in the morning when we chanted OM and did the love meditation for Mother Earth."

Tara from Germany: "Seva for me is to express my love for my Guru and to be grateful. I am here to support the people with my violin when we are singing for God. Only through Swamiji's grace I learnt to improvise because before I was only able to play classical music from the sheet. I have been always wishing to play only for God. This is my seva."

Kaltikeyani: "Seva is relaxing and refreshes my Soul."

Katyayini from Russia: "I do seva because I feel that I have also to give something to my Guru. I know that He doesn't need anything and that He only wants me to be happy and to advance spiritually. So by helping Him I am actually helping myself and this makes Him maybe a bit happier."

Tripurasundary from Italy: "Seva is service which complete devotion."

Vanisha from Russia: "Seva is a great joy. It makes me happy to serve my Gurudev in His house together with my spiritual family."