Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Shree Yantra Drawing Course

Sri Yantra Drawing Course
based on the teachings of Sri Swami Vishwananda 

In this weekend course the focus is on learning how to draw an accurate Shri Yantra and to colour it:
  • Starting Friday evening, the day of the Divine Mother, with explanations and stories about the Shri Yantra, which is an instrument for spiritual advancement and which has immense power and healing capacity.
  • On the second day, we focus on the construction of the Sri Yantra with the help of technical tools. All steps are projected on a big screen which makes the complex drawing process more easy and understandable.
  • On the third and last day, we focus on colouring through 9 levels guided as a meditation with a personal free choice of colours. By following step by step with enough time for everybody, we experience the enormous potential and healing qualities of a Shri Yantra.

Our first course was filled with 5 spontaneous participants. 
We told the story of Adi Shankara in 7th century: 
“At this time it was still common that people did animal and human sacrifices. The face of Shri Lalita was terrible, as they wanted to offer a girl to Her. The people were very greedy and wanted to be more and more powerful and having siddhis (powers). 
There was a drought with no rain for two years. The people did lots of sacrifices to please Devi but still no rain.

Adi Shankara felt very bad with this situation, and he explained why. Finally they listened to him and said "We give you 3 days. If it's not raining by then, than we go on with our way of sacrifice."

Adi Shankara put his danda (dry bamboo stick) in the earth saying - it will rain! Still 3 days no rain. As the sun was setting on the 3rd day, only a few minutes left, Devi appeared to him and blessed him. When opening Her eyes Her first gaze burned a Shri Yantra into earth. Then the rain started...”

Short after telling the story in the atelier at Shree Peetha Nilaya, there was a sudden thunder outside, followed by lightening and strong rain shower.

The rain was very welcomed in our garden, as it’s been a dry period for quite some time!!!

All could experience the high frequency and positive effects while drawing and painting: mental balancing, stronger connection with Divine Mother, rebirth, increase of sensitivity, concentration and calmness. 

“There is a lot of inner work we do all the time in meditations, prayers etc. In this course we gain our own visible result which we can bring home“.

One woman did not know anything what a Shri Yantra is. She experienced the course as warm up into the complex geometry of a Shri Yantra. In the first night she was dreaming of triangles and the Shri Yantra being inside of her.  She is very interested now to join the Shri Yantra course with Shri Swami Vishwananda where you can learn a lot more about the background stories and pujas of the Shri Yantra. 

Thank you Guruji for the blessing and grace for this course where we all could feel the presence of the Divine Mother working within us.


“…it was very nice, also to feel the energy of the Sri Yantra from the beginning and the focus on it… and you [the course instructors, Dakshini and Nallini] did it very nicely, also being two women - one more for the construction and one for the content. The subject itself is very nice, the aspect of the Divine Mother… and personally what I like is that it so structured and has to be accurate but then on the other hand to leave it free at the end with the choice of colours…”
     - Reka

“… I liked it very much. From the beginning I felt already something is going on very deep and touching inside of me. Last Darshan I was asking for my spiritual name, kept it for myself for one week and this weekend I want to share it: it is Katambari (name of Goddess Saraswati). Thank you very much for the great work! I like the two different ways that you do it. I feel very calm with high energy...”
Two days afterwards “Something has changed inside and is different then before.”
     - Katambari

“I like the way that you did it, very comfortable and very nice atmosphere with you and all the group. I enjoyed painting. We don’t know yet what it does with us, but something very strong, I think. Thank you very much! Also it was really nice that you let us to be free to do colour it in our way.”
     - Madhavi

“I enjoyed very much to be here. I feel, more and more, my connection with Divine Mother which I didn’t have before. First when I was thinking to register for this course, I thought that I am not able to do this and then I was really surprised how easy it was. It was great the way how you did it, and you made it so systematically and step by step so that I really could follow. When I saw all these triangles in front of me it seemed impossible to do, and now I can even say it was good for me to do it because I got more self confident and this was very important for me. 
I even didn't feel the energy in particular, but I felt in general... for example, the first day when I came, I thought "they are all experts, most of the participants are used to drawing" and I had the feeling that I wouldn't be good enough. So much stress in the body, "I’m just a lay woman"… And through this, I felt the energy that was changing a lot inside of me. Also, today, when I came, I felt really calm and silent. Thank you for all the preparation and all this love for us, and thank you also to the group.”
     - Trilochana

“It was spontaneous to be here - I didn’t plan it and it was a good decision, and now I’m really interested for the course with Swamiji. I feel it very much, I can’t say what it is. But I can say that something is going on. Also, I liked how you did it. Enjoyed it a lot -thank you!”
   - Christina

The course was organized and held by Dakshini and Nallini. 
Next Sri Yantra drawing courses will be on: 
18.-20. July and 
29.Sept-1. Oct. (during Navaratri) 
More information you can find here: