Saturday, June 7, 2014

Prasad from India for us all

Dakshini, who was also on the Pilgrimage in North India writes: 

Before we left a resident asked to bring prasad from all the temples we will visit on our 9 Devi pilgrimage. 

Happily we collected all the small sugarballs, puffed rice, dried fruits and nuts, coconuts, flowers, pieces of clothes etc. 

A russian devotee heart about it and also shared her portion for the family at Shree Peetha Nilaya. After some time we got quite an amount together. 

Back home we made little pictures with names that everybody can follow up from which places the prasad is. Sometimes we got only a little bit of sugarpieces which we put in a glas of water.

It is not like the never ending prasadam from our Guruji but if you come for Darshan this weekend there is a good chance to still grasp some bits and pieces. 

Nectaria came later with a tiny murti of Narayan. She found it in between puffed rice and dried fruits. So definitly this was a joker!