Sunday, June 1, 2014

Recording a Prayer CD

Right now the music team records a CD, a double CD with the morning and evening prayers that will be a nice music recording and a nice audio document as well, for those who want to listen to and practice the Bhakti Marga daily prayers.

Anantaananda and Bhaveshananda
Anantaananda is the recording studio technician together with Bhaveshananda, Tandav Krishna and Mira lead the musical project with the support of Pankaj, Vanamali and Chaturananda. 
They tried to create a real music-studio atmosphere in the big Darshan hall - everybody has his own space and was sitting far from each other. So they could record every voice and instrument on a separate file and mix it afterwards perfectly. In this first part they played for more then 12 hours, at the end everybody was really tired at the end. 

Vanamali, Pankaj, Tandav, Mira, and Chaturananda 
The second part of the recording continues now in the Studio/Audio-Room with the instrumental details, main voices and choruses. This part will take at least one week more!
Bhaveshananda, Tandav and Mira are listening to the recordings
The only sound from outside is a peacock cry from time to time but that fits - they decided ;-)