Sunday, September 28, 2014

Next-Level Prasad

During Navaratri, the kitchen team at Shree Peetha Nilaya has been working hard to make some top-tier prasad.

We wanted to share a few of our recipes over the upcoming days of the festival for the Divine Mother.

Here is one of the favorites from last night.


325 gr flour
240 gr sugar
180 gr oil
410 gr water
1 ½ baking powder
Vanilla aroma
Pinch of cinnamon powder

Mix separately in one bowl dry ingredients; flour, backing powder, cinnamon powder and sugar and in another bowl put together water, oil and vanilla aroma.
Then put all together and mix gently with the whisk.
When it is well mixed put the mixture into a backing pan and bake it on the 180 degree for 15-20 minutes.

200 gr butter
100 gr carob powder
6 spoons of sugar
3 dcl milk
Vanilla aroma

Melt everything in a pot.
For this measure it is required 30 dkg of coconut
Biscuit cut in cubes, dip them into the carob sauce and then roll them into the dried coconut.

Bon apetit! ☺