Friday, October 30, 2015

3-month helper in the Sewing department!

The Sewing atelier is looking for a person who can come to Shree Peetha Nilaya for three months of seva. Below are some of the qualifications necessary for the job:

  • This person should have good or very good sewing skills and is capable of listening and follow directions. 
  • The person should be willing to work flexibly, urgent work is sometimes needed or longer seva days required to complete special projects. We expect a good quality of sewing. 
  • Experience of cutting and working with patterns is preferred. 
  • A good capacity to learn to sew in a new way with different kinds of materials is essential. 

We would need help in sewing:

  • Full brahmacharini uniforms tunics and skirts
  • Uniforms for nuns and to repair clothes (general and clergy clothes) 

Other additional requirements in order to perform the job properly:

  • This person should be able to walk three times a day to and from the ashram to the village where the sewing atelier is situated, in the nun's house. This is around 4 km/per day.
  • This person should be able to speak English. 

If you have sewing skills and are interested to serve Sri Swami Vishwananda, then please contact us informing of your experience with sewing, provide a photo of yourself, and a date of when you could start. Please indicate if you can commit for doing the full 3 months. A scholarship will be provided for the 3 month period which will cover all your living costs here in the center.

Please send an e-mail directly to: