Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Bread (recipe)

Every year on Easter Sunday after the Liturgie Swami Vishwananda gives to everybody a peace from the blessed Easterbread.

Bhagyshri baked it yesterday. Here is the recipe:

Of course here we use instead of the eggs some egg replacement from the organic shop or cornstarch.

We have a wonderful pastry kneading machine but Bhagyshri says that her hands are better ;-)

During baking time (30-45 minutes) inside the oven she wrapped some Aluminium foil arrond so that the bread doesn't get too crusty. (If you are making very big breads, then bake 60- 90 minutes.)

Finished; some glace icing on top and ready for to be blessed in the church.

All Easterbreads are waiting - - -

 and we too ;-)   The liturgy was long---

Finally - after hours -  everybody got a piece of the bread !