Friday, April 18, 2014

Flower decoration for Easter

Yesterday, very early in the morning, Dakshini went to the whole-sale flower market to buy flowers for the Easter decoration.

The plan was to make a big garland for the top of the Iconostase in the church. 

With a team of some residents and some guests we started to prepare the garland so that it would be ready in the afternoon.  

After the garland was placed on the top of the Iconostase, we added some purple flowers wich where prepared in little vases so that they would last longer :)  

At the same time, a team of swiss devotees led by Dani arrived to prepare the chariot (Epitaphios) for Jesus for the procession on Good Friday

For Easter Sunday we will change the decoration into a very bright and colourful design...

Here we prepare already the decoration for the tables in the dining hall for Easter Sunday meal.