Sunday, April 27, 2014

Meeting of German Devotees

On Saturday morning, about 35 german devotees were gathering in the Atma Kriya Room of Shree Peeta Nilaya for a meeting with Swami Kuru. He is the responsible Swami for Germany, and Anuprabha is the coordinator for Germany. 
It was wonderful to have everybody there and also very important, because we know, to be together and having Satsang, brings us together as a family. 

So firstly everybody sat in groups together, according to where they live, North, South, East and West and then discussed in these smaller groups, what would be possible to organise in their areas. Swami Kuru and Anuprabha had spoken before shortly about the many possibilities how to spread our Gurudev's mission in Germany. We can have Puja and Yagna workshops with one of the Swamis, invite the Bhakti Marga Music Group for concerts or workshops, do cooking classes (cooking for Swami) and of course have weekly or monthly meetings for Bhajans and Prayers. So every group found out, what kind of activities they wanted to create in their city. 

It was so nice to see how everybody got involved and had ideas and contributed to use the ideas that are already there and just need to be brought into life. 

Especially the new „German Music Group“ were found together and right away practiced singing for Easter in the Church.

So what is possible:
  • we can invite Swami Kuru for a Satsang or Yagna
  • invite the Bhakti Marga Music Group for a concert or workshop
  • organise a Puja or Yagna workshop, also for kids
  • try to get involved into CoL (Cities of Light)
  • ask for a Just Love Reading Circle
  • do Bhajan and Prayer gatherings regularly
  • get together for „cooking for Swami“
Also the project „City of Lights“ (CoL) where OM Healing is brought into bigger cities (as it is Swamiji's wish) was explained and posters distributed.

Prabhu Muktananda also made himself available for to give talks about the spiritual essence of OM Healing, so we can invite him too.

After this short, but intense „work meeting“ Swami Kuru showed a short movie about Gurudev's last visit to Vrindavan during the Holi Festival. We all enjoyed very much to see this colorful scenes and the happiness of Gurudev, this was surely a special treat.
What is also for sure and was clearly to be seen is, to work together, to create together activities is so important! The group energy is carrying the members along the path and makes it easier to get and stay connected on the way to God.
And that is what we all want and what we long for. So let us go for it and get together Germany!

If you have any questions or suggestions, pls contact: 

Swami Kuru, or 
Mataji Anuprabha