Thursday, May 1, 2014

Preparations for the Lakshmi Yagna

The last week we were very busy preparing everything down at the tent:

First of all the tent had to be built up. Swami Anashuya did it quite fast. After all the years of him doing it, he is getting really professional at it. 

Just after the roof of the tent was pulled up, it started to rain heavily - all around the tent was getting extremely muddy, so we needed to make a system for the rainwater: 

Some of our construction boys and some seva helpers were digging a kind of drainage ditch to lead the water away from the tent

At the same time inside, we had to cover the ground and start to built up the altar. Swami Vishwananda wanted our big Lakshmi Murti as the main deity on the altar- so Kalpit brought it with the bumblebee.

In the end, all the three yagna kunds were somehow dry, and the tent looked nice and cozy.

Thanks to all who brought flowers- this helped a lot to make the place nice for our Guruji and for Maha Lakshmi!

In the last moment Swami Vishwananda decided, that the Lakshmi Yagna will not take place on two separate days, but will instead start today at noon and will last 24 hours without any break!

At around 11 am, he came and started with the Kalash Puja.

In the kitchen the prasad was already waiting.