Thursday, May 29, 2014

Feedback from a longterm Seva helper.

Karani from Finland is doing seva in the sewing studio since five months. Here are some of her experiences about living at Shree Peetha Nilaya:

"I met Sri Swami Vishwananda for the first time in Finland in August 2009 where he was giving Darshan. Only a few months later in December I came for a visit to the ashram here in Germany. After that I came quite often. Already from the beginning I helped during my visits with making murti clothes and different other cloths like the brown ones for the bamacharinis.

It was always my wish to stay for a longer period of time and to participate in the life here in the centre. But for a long time it was not possible to do this due to my life in Finland. But then at the end of 2013 things suddenly came together in the right way and it was possible for me to come and stay for a longer seva time.

For me this place means having a feeling of being at home which I have nowhere else like that. The prayers in the temple and in the church are like food for me. A food that I have missed for so long. The lifestyle here seems to be the only useful way of living.

The community of people is quite big with so many different personalities and people from all over the world and I can learn so much through meeting them which is a great blessing.

The most important one here is of course Guruji and I know that only through him this place is possible.

Never before in my life did I have the possibility to learn so many different things. Be it the daily prayers or doing seva together with others, there is so much here which is opening the heart. If I take time to reflect a bit on what this place and its people are giving me, I am very touched and tears are coming to my eyes.

I am learning that we can be very strong together if we are able to open ourselves. And this is what is happening here. Now that I am in the ashram for a longer period of time I am beginning to understand what respect is. It is especially through Guruji that I am learning this. To learn to be humble and to respect others is getting more and more important for me. I am learning this through the people i meet here and through observing others. Once I saw Swamini Dayamati meeting Guruji and greeting him. There was so much respect and friendliness in her behaviour towards him that it left a deep impression on me and it made me understand that for me the most important thing to learn is true humility."