Saturday, May 24, 2014

Seva needed in the Laundry

This is our Laundry Team, Padmavati and Sister Parthenia:

After the events there is always a lot to do in the laundry, so they need urgently some help to wash, iron and fold all the bed-linen and towels from our guests:

Announcement Bhakti Seva Programme Laundry:

Our main laundry needs volunteers to help, especially AFTER our events.

This seva duty consists of cleaning all laundry areas; collect dirty laundry; carry up clean laundry to storage rooms; support all the process of washing, drying, stretching, ironing and folding.

Time Period: 
From beginning of June 2014 till the 4th of July and from the 15th of July till the beginning of September 2014.
If you like to come and help with this program (preferably for 4 weeks!), experiencing our community life (full time seva 6-7 hours a day) then you are welcome to apply for the bhakti seva program.

For further information or application please contact: