Sunday, June 29, 2014

Again a wonderful Street Kirtan experience

Veena writes:

"With a strong desire to continue singing out in the cities, Swami Kuru and I met again this week to plan out what to do next. We were about to go for a second time and we had an even bigger challenge in front of us, as it turned out that most of the BM musician team members were away this weekend with Guruji, for his Darshan in Paris. 
But the desire was stronger than the obstacle, so we decided - let's do it anyway. So we organised a music rehearsal and prayed people would show up.
This led to a really nice surprise: on Thursday evening 17 people were there, willing to sing, clap, play manjiras and mrdangas and basically to give their support in any way they can. Our hearts were filled with joy seeing this. What followed was a magical 2 hour session of bhajan singing, laughing and sharing experiences.

We were ready to do it again.
The plan was to go to Mainz, but in the last moment we changed our minds, due to strict regulations this city has regarding street music performances.  So we just decided - lets go back to Wiesbaden.
As soon as we showed up at the city market, some people started to do pranams', which was so funny for us to see. We had a few nice conversations and invited some of them to join us. 
One of the vegetable salesmen asked us to sing right there next to his stand, but soon we found out it is not allowed, as the market has its own rules and regulations, so we walked back to a familiar spot from last time - Mauritius square.
And again, we were welcomed there very nicely. 
The man from the city council who gave us his support last time, showed up again shortly after we started, this time even giving a hug to our 'spokesman' mataji Kadambari, enthusiastically repeating 'Unlimited, unlimited!' reffering to the time we are allowed to sing (normally it’s 30 minutes). So we sang for almost two hours, gave out many flyers and had some nice conversations with people interested in what we were doing. Afterwards, we went for some ice cream and pizza to a nearby cafe, where we spontaniously started to sing again. 
Just as we were ready to leave, we felt few drops of rain falling down on us, as if Maa herself was giving her blessing.

It felt so wonderful. 

In this short period of our 'open air' kirtans, I can say I experienced so much Love and unity between us, which I never expected it would happen- thank you Guruji for your Grace.
And thank you all for being such a wonderful family.