Friday, June 27, 2014

Wonderful Kirtan Session in Wiesbaden

We recently organised a Kirtan session in the streets of Wiesbaden. Swami Kurunandha writes: 

Jai Gurudev dear all, 

so as recently announced, last week some of us went to Wiesbaden to do Kirtan, and to say it in short: it was GREAT, and it was a very successful beginning to what surely will become a regular seva. We already semi-jokingly refer to it as "the Kirtan Revolution"! ;).
We let ourselves be guided and in the end chose to do two sessions (each lasting almost an hour): 

In front of the Marktkirche
1. near the biweekly fruit marketplace, underneath to the "market church" (yes, that is the actual name) under a banyan tree, well, no, it wasn't a banyan tree of course, but it felt like being one ;) - anyway, we were warming up a little offside of the main market area, so that we wouldn't be obtrusive to any of the fruit stands, but near enough anyway, and where pedestrians can easily connect with us if they want, that is if they are attracted by the sweet sound of our music; and quite a few did and some will likely visit us soon :) some workers who had work to do nearby, could not return to their work, as they explained to us later, as they were spellbound, same as many people later also were magically attracted...

2. then we went straight into the heart of Wiesbaden: Mauritiusplatz! (what a great   name!). Now we were ready to reach more people, and this time we had also some special "agents" (Kadamabari for example who did a great job in "catching" the bees that were attracted by our flower power sounds) who made sure, that those who felt a calling in their heart, would receive further guidance in how to connect with us, and how to get to heaven on earth: Shree Peetha Nilaya! To those we engaged with, we handed out flyers, Guruji's cards & open day invitations (the open day will take place 20th of July). 

Mauritiusplatz / Wiesbaden
We had many nice experiences with the people of Wiesbaden; let me just say here, that we were able to nicely connect with many lovely beings, and quite a few we expect to come and visit Shree Peetha Nilay over the coming weeks (for example: Open Day) and months. 

A little boy was very fascinated for a long time, danced around us and filled our hearts with even more joy
Playing music like that is fun first of all, and at the same a great seva, as it attracts people in a good way (without asking for money); through the music they hear the essence of our spiritual path, and their hearts immediately feel attracted; by the way, at the main square we were visited by an agent of the city of Wiesbaden; he started asking Kadambari lots of and partially also strange questions ("how old are you?", "do you have a sister", etc.), but in the end she seemed to have passed the "test", cause he revealed his identity, and in the end he was so happy with our performance, that he said, that we are very welcome in Wiesbaden! He also said to the police man who had arrived at the scene meanwhile with his electric two wheel "horse", to leave, and waived goodbye to him, and said to us to continue beyond the 30 minutes limit, that normally is applied! So kirtan is even dissolving the boundaries of regulations! 

A promising start indeed, and we will now based on this experience, reach out further to the other BM countries and encourage them to try the "Kirtan Revolution" also in their towns and cities :)) 
Stay tuned, and join us on one of the next expeditions