Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Guruji!

We had a great time today celebrating the birthday of Swamiji. Here's a short clip from the day's activities.

We started the day with a full abishekam to Guruji's padukas, and to Laddu Gopal - the main deity in the temple, Krishna as a young child holding a sweet.

After a bit of seva, we all gathered in the Bhajan Cafe and shared stories we had prepared of some of our experiences from having Swamiji in our lives. Some of the stories were mystical, some were sweet, some were bitter, but all of them showed how deeply our Guru loves us, and how wonderfully and gracefully he is guiding us on each of our paths.

After lunch, we gathered on the front lawn to participate in a yagna for Swami. The mood was beautiful and peaceful throughout the whole prayer.

After evening prayers and dinner there was a full moon OM Healing circle, and to wrap up the day, there was a slideshow of our favorite pictures of Guruji. Some of the residents had hand-picked a small selection of photos and videos, and they shared what the time meant to them.

This whole day was very sweet - Swamiji was not physically present in the ashram, but his Love could be easily felt throughout the whole day, in each of the prayers and in each of the gatherings.

What a miracle it is for us to have him in our lives! Jai Gurudev!