Friday, August 29, 2014

Potato Picking

This last Thursday, many devotees gathered together to give a helping hand to the garden crew. As a new harvest of potatoes was ready for collecting, each seva department united in order to gather the newly grown potatoes.

With a team of 29, the potato picking finished in a quick two and a half hours.

The Mataji's express their joy from serving together.

The Prabhu’s contemplate the nature of the potato, and relate the idea of how digging through the dirt to find the potato, is much like the spiritual path when one must dig through their own karma to experience the Divine, which in this context, is a potato. Maybe the Prabhu’s took this a little too far…

Giri is happy to see the Bhakti Marga family come together and assist with the agriculture.

Everyone was doing their part to help out, and even some learned some new skills to take home with them.

“By forgetting about yourself and thinking of others, you are knowing what real Love is. Because Love is not something that you can keep for yourself. Even if once you realise the Love inside of you, you can’t keep it; you have to give it. And service, seva, is one aspect of serving the Lord, and serving yourself, because there is no difference between you and the person you are serving. It’s your self into that person. But when you do this with such mind, you will not benefit from that, because service has to be done out of Love.” –Sri Swami Vishwananada