Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cashless at Bhakti Marga

The cashless age at Shree Peetha Nilaya (SPN) is approaching fast...! Being under the influence of the current Gita Course with Guruji, we are in the mood of detaching ourselves more and more of the material... ;)

To make the life of our accounting & finance administration easier we decided to no longer accept cash payments inside the ashram. Rishi Madhavananda (ex Naamdev) over the past months identified a convenient cashless card system for SPN.

This morning the first cashless cards were issued to the pioneers amongst the guests. Around 40 people already got themselves a card, as from 21st August onwards, one will need this card for anything for which so far cash was used at SPN, in particular for eating, shopping and accomodation
(at reception and in the shop credit cards and EC cards can still be used also).

There are two types of cards:
1. Registered Cards
2. Non-registered Cards

The registered card is connected with your personal identity, and there is a small non-refundable fee for this (2 eur). If one wants to have something printed on the card, there is an extra fee of 5 eur. One can chose what information one wants to have printed on it. Typically it will be the name (spiritual and/or worldly) & the telephone number.

Alternatively, there is also a non-registered anonymous version of the card. The deposit here is also 2 eur, but it is refundable.

Both cards can be charged at the card machine (with no person involved), which will be located in the main entry hall, either with cash or credit/EC card. The machine will be operative as of 21st August. The machine can also release money that is stored on the card.
During large events we might provide an extra desk for recharging cards (when there are queues at the machine).
The machine will look similar to the one in this picture.

The main advantage of getting a registered card is that in case it gets lost
1) it can blocked in case you stored a significant amount on it
2) if it carries a name on it, it can be returned more easily to the owner

If you have questions, our guest team is happy to be of support (click here).

We hope you will find this card freeing you up and making your next stay at SPN even more enjoyable. Jai Gurudev! :)

P.S.: the only thing for which you can still use cash (other than charging your cashless card), are donations and 'Guru Dakshina'