Saturday, September 27, 2014

New Cash Card System in Shree Peetha Nilaya

The cashless age has also reached us in Shree Peetha Nilaya!

To make life and work easier in all areas and also in our accounting, Rishi Madhavananda (ex-Naamdev) developed a system with a so called "cash card".

We ask you now to accept this new system openly because without a cashcard, nothing works here anymore!

First, you need to befriend our new resident, the "cashless automat"!

He doesn't appear/look very charming but he can do quite a few things!

At the beginning of Navaratri there will be an attendant by the side of this automat to help you get to know his characteristics. At this automat one can:

  • Obtain a cashcard for 2€ deposit (as a hotel guest you get the card at reception with a corresponding credit for meals during your stay)
  • One can top the cash card with cash or debit card
  • One can also decharge the card and get the money back in cash. 

Attention: one cannot get money with a normal debit card from the machine - it's not a cash machine!
Once you have a cash card you can pay with it the various meals :

Cashcard scanner at the food table
You can buy things in the shop, buy coffee and cake during events as well as drinks and chocolate from the vending machine in front of the Babaji cave.

Bhagyshri and her team filling up drinks

PS: The only thing that still works with cash here in SPN are your donations and Gurudakshina! For this purpose we still have the donation box in the entrance hall.