Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Preparations for Navaratri

Since two weeks ago we've started to prepare slowly for Navaratri, the nine day festival in honor of the Divine Mother. It is the biggest festival we celebrate here in Shree Peetha Nilaya and it takes a lot of time and clarity to coordinate everything and build.

Here are some pics of the work involved.

Outside the tent, a pedestal for the shoes was built and the yagna kund for day 10 - Dussera - was prepared.

Sadly, a storm swept down our not-so-stable smaller tent. Now we have something better built.

Inside the tent we set ourselves some high goals: the entire tent roof should be covered! This was pretty time consuming but after it was finished, it looked wonderful!

For the Divine Mother we cut out a nice wooden frame, which was then milled and gold plated ...

... and another one for our Guruji.


After we knew about how many visitors have registered, we had several meetings and made ​​plans: "How can we ensure that we can seat everyone in the best way possible?"

So we tinkered with a system: every night a different group of 80 devotees can sit up in the front of the tent and then can join in with the arati in the front - and with your cooperation, it can work!

Kitchen Meeting
The kitchen also had to be much more organized - not only will there be 400-500 guests to provide for, but also there will be a LOT of prasad for each of the 10 ceremonies to prepare.

Slowly, slowly, the inside of the tent is starting to take shape.

Yesterday was the big move: the Murti of the Divine Mother of the temple was transported with the frontloader into the tent and lifted by four strong men onto the altar.

We look forward to the Navaratri festival with all of you, and most of all we look forward to seeing Swamiji again, who returns today from Kenya!

Jai Gurudev!